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About Me

Hi! My name is Carter Hausen. I graduated with a GED at 17 years old and am now a student at BYU Pathway. My favorite subject is AP Chemistry, and my second favorite is Algebra 2. My average high school GPA is 3.758, and my 2022 Term 2  GPA is 3.95. In 2022 Term 1 and Term 2, I had an A    in both AP Chemistry and Algebra 2. My dream is to become the next Elon Musk and help the world to switch to supercritical hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. I would love to share my knowledge and passion for chemistry and math with those who need help understanding or keeping up in their classes. I provide 1-hour private tutoring sessions for $15.00. I also offer 30-minute private tutoring sessions for $10.00. I can't wait to help you excel in my favorite subjects!

I'm excited to help!

-Carter Hausen

Teacher Helping Student
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